About us

Westland Export is located at trading center Westerlee in De Lier. From this location in the middle of the Westland, Westland Export is, above all, known for its:

• Experience: Significant experience in the SFV sector.         Nationally as well as internationally.
• Short lines: Able to quickly switch in the entire chain.
• Transparency: For the grower as well as the end                 customer.
• Freshness: After the harvest, at the final client’s target       within two days.
• Traceability: The end customer knows who the 
   grower is.

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SFV service provider 

Westland Export is a progressive and professional company. To put it bluntly, our mission is to be, and remain, the most transparent SFV service provider in the Netherlands. We do this, without taking any unnecessary risks. We are always prepared to collaborate with new customers and suppliers.