How do we manage that?

By paying a great deal of attention to: transparency, freshness, traceability and food safety.

The growers in the salads, fruit and vegetables (SFV) sector are generally aware of the Common Market Organization (CMO) subsidy. This subsidy is widely discussed and has many advantages and disadvantages. Partly because of this, growers and final clients have to reinforce each other more and prepare for the future.

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How does Westland Export do this?

  • The short lines within Westland Export ensure a high level of service

  • These short lines also contribute to ensuring an extra low overhead (i.e no unnecessary costs)

  • By communicating transparently, we strive to obtain the best price. The objective is to create a long-term and (economically) healthy relationship between the grower and the final client

  • Westland Export aims to deliver the product within two days after harvest. This procedure ensures that quality problems are a thing of the past

  • As a result of our procedure, product speculation can be ruled out

  • Freshness, traceability and food safety are guaranteed by Westland Export.
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